Comforted By Hope (part 2)

Jesus said in Matthew’s Gospel, “upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (16:18b)

These words of Jesus have brought comfort to many people in various situations since they were first spoken.

The very presence of the church building is a reminder of this promise. Many have stopped in a church parking lot, feeling the safety of that promise would extend to them while they slept, ate their lunch, talked on the phone, or to meditate on God during difficult situations. They felt the hope just being close to the Church building.

When everything is going wrong we look for something to help. The church stands as a symbol of hope. It is a lighthouse on the sea of life. It guides us to safety in the storms that come our way. The Church is a place of healing when we’ve been wounded by life, a place of safety when the circumstances of life threatens our very existence.

The altars are stained from the many tears. The pews show signs of wear because of usage, not by spectators who are just curious, but by many people who are hopeful of finding what they are in need of. The Church building brings back many memories of past victories, and blessings, and those powerful visitations of the Sweet Spirit of God.

When it seems that the “gates of Hell” have opened, things are going all wrong with the economy, with our society, in our government and the whole world scene, the CHURCH stands strong and victorious – “the gates of hell shall not prevail against” the CHURCH!

Hope is real. Hope is relevant. Hope is everlasting.
-Pastor T.H. Sheppard