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The Apostolic Church’s Young Married’s ministry provides a supportive environment for young couples wishing to grow in their relationships with God and each other. Featuring a variety of activities, Bible studies, and recreational opportunities, there’s something for every couple! Our young married’s group is for couples ages 18-44, and is led by Rev. Blake and Natalie Proctor.

When it comes to describing a good marriage it seems like everyone has an opinion, but few seem to be moving forward with purpose. We believe that God has given us His purpose for marriage in Scripture which, built on a lifelong commitment, provides us with one of life’s greatest opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

To help you grow your marriage we have put together a plan that you can follow that will help you make time for one another, get the big picture, learn the skills, connect in transition, and join other couples on the journey of building your marriage according to God’s plan.
Please contact Rev. Blake & Natalie for more information about our Young Married’s ministry.